This website is designed to guide you through your textbook: Critical Thinking. Each chapter in the book has a separate web page with tips, links to other resources, additional examples enhancing the material in that chapter, “test yourself” questions, and a section for you to post comments, creative ideas, and ask questions of other readers.

Click the Chapter you want to explore using the menu above. In each chapter web page, you will find two additional links:

  • Resources & Examples: Links to articles, books, websites, videos, and examples (from the current news & research) that elaborate on the chapter’s key concepts.
  • Test Yourself: Some more questions to supplement the ones at the end of the textbook’s chapters with answers and explanations to help you quiz yourself.You are invited to Add Comments for each chapter and perhaps start a dialogue with other people using the textbook. Be kind, share, and learn.

    me Oct 6 2012

    Author: Peter M. Nardi

    You can email the author if you discover any links no longer working or any errors:

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