Ch. 5 Correlation & Causation



Spurious Correlations (website)

When Correlations are Causation 

Understanding Pearson r Correlations

Reliability and Validity

Statistical Significance



Spurious Correlations: the book (Vigen)

Apple a Day won’t keep doctor away (Jacobs)

Is Chocolate Really Healthy for you as research from chocolate companies claims? (Vox)

Correlations (Chen & Popovich)

Alternative Explanations: Eat more nuts  (FiveThirtyEight)

Don’t Take your Vitamins (Oster)

Saturated Fats and Heart Disease: Causation?

Misleading Health Documentary Misinterprets Research

How Australia handles Vaccination Debate (NY Times)

5-Second Rule, Double-Dipping, & Germs (CNN)

Alternative Explanations: Newspapers & Voting



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