Ch. 7 Fact, Opinion, & Logical Reasoning


Hoaxy (visualize spread of fake claims)

Fake news websites

Skeptics Society

Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds news coverage

War of the Worlds radio broadcast 

Was panic over the Martian broadcast exaggerated?

Vaccines, Autism, Retracted research


The Culture of Fear (Glassner)

Invasion from Mars (Cantril)

The News Manual

The Logic of Science

American Facing an Epistemic Crisis (Vox)

Where Fake News Came From (LA Times)

Tagging Fake News on Facebook Doesn’t Work (Politico)

How to self-check the news: fake or real? (NPR)

Students unable to tell fake from real news (NPR)

Fake News Fallacy (New Yorker)

Facts & History of Truth (Lepore)

Why People Fly from Facts 

Why Facts Aren’t always Truth in Photography (van Agtmael)



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